Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, Greece

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Iraq- Greece Bilateral Relations

Bilateral diplomatic relations between Greece and Iraq are at a very good level. Greece supports all international initiatives aimed at preserving the unity, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq and participates in the efforts of the international community for the establishment of democratic structures, the development of a free and competitive economy and the full restoration of Iraq's relations with neighbouring countries.

At the same time, both countries work together to promote the economic and social reconstruction of Iraq, with emphasis on programs aimed at improving education, health, assistance to refugees and displaced persons, as well as the general improvement of the living conditions of the Iraqi population.

Greece and Iraq already cooperate harmoniously in various areas of international interest and look forward to the development of bilateral cooperation in other areas as well, such as energy resources, shipping, construction and reconstruction of ports. Continuous efforts are being made to upgrade our cultural relations as well, through cooperation of universities, scholarships and the maintenance of antiquities. 

International Relations


Iraq continues to increase its representation in international organisations and since September 2003, it has successfully re-established its seat in most multilateral bodies including:


• Arab League 

• United Nations General Assembly

• Organisation of Islamic cooperation 

• G77

• International Monetary Fund 


• Regional Conference of Iraq's Neighbouring Countries


• Non-Aligned Movement 


• World Bank 

• World Trade Organisation

Ambassador's message

On behalf of Iraq and its people, I welcome you to our official website. The Embassy of Iraq in Athens, Greece aims at becoming the cornerstone of the development of the relations between the Republic of Iraq and the government and people of Greece.

Our main target is to provide useful information and links about Iraq, its culture, governance and economy. Please feel free to contact the embassy directly, and our staff will be happy to assist you with your inquiry and listen to any of your suggestions for our further communication improvement.

Burhan JAF

Ambassador of Iraq